Visual Studio Code — A Simple Tutorial

Starting from 2019, my main development environment has turned from Visual Studio to Visual Studio Code. Although part of the reason is that I have to find a way to use Linux environment in Windows for my school work, the main reason is that I’m fascinated with its small installation size and great open-source extensions support (I don’t want a dual system due to the small amount of available disk space on my PC; nor do I want a virtual machine as it is far too slow). Now, let’s take a close look at this amazing editor and feel its magic power.

What is Visual Studio Code?

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a small streamlined code editor with support for development operations like debugging, task running and version control. It mainly aims to offer a quick code-build-debug cycle for developers without any other redundant, unnecessary features. Therefore it is a perfect tool for writing small programs. However, due to a more and more extensive extension support in Visual Studio Marketplace, it also becomes more and more suitable for developing small, even middle-sized applications. Basically, you can make this tiny editor support almost all popular programming languages in the world simply by installing extensions from the Marketplace.

However, there are also a few notations:

  • VS Code is, in essence, just an editor. Therefore, in order to compile codes in it, some external compilers must be installed onto your system.
  • VS Code is famous for its quick and convenient write-compile-run development cycle, so it is not efficient to build a complex application in it. It is created to competed with other code editors such as Vim, Atom and Sublime Text, but not big IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA.

Getting Started in Windows

For more specific programming language configurations, here is a list of more tutorials on my website:

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