Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor is the place for me to pursue my second bachelor’s degree in the University of Michigan. It is a small but lovely town located in the south of the State of Michigan. While I was taking classes and working on the campus, I would also like to record those tiny little pieces of happiness in daily life with my lenses. These pictures help to keep my precious memories.

Story of My Daily Life

The crossing of Plymouth Rd and Upland Rd on North Campus. There was a beautiful sunset one afternoon, and at this crossing there was a broad view of the scenery. Watching the busy cars running on the street gives me a sense of life.

Route 23 of the Ann Arbor city bus arriving at CCTC (Centra Campus Transit Center). Every time it arrives, it basically tells me I'am finally able to go home.

Sunset shining on a oversized truck passing through North Campus on Plymouth Rd.

A U-M campus bus passing through Northwood on North Campus during the summer.

A tiny piece of sunset shining on the stem of a big tree. A nice contrast of orange and green.

Ann Arbor Summer Festival

It was really wonderful for me to find that, during the summer, the town of Ann Arbor was getting more and more busy. One of the major activities in Ann Arbor in summer is the Summer Festival, in which a lot of artists and artisans would come and show off their great works. With excitement, I went to the festival, and received lots of great memories.

A very interesting reflection of two visitors in a small puddle, reflecting the business of the summer festival.

A lot of decorative CDs and records were on sale in the Ann Arbor Summer Festival. All of them are crafted into different shapes.

A tricycle man is riding several passengers on the street with his tricycle full of ads.

A dancer showing off his dancing skills.

Força, Barça

In August, FC Barcelona came to Michigan Stadium and had a match with S.S.C. Napoli. Why having a soccer match at Michigan? I would say, it was definitely because Michigan Stadium is the largest stadium in the US, the third largest stadium across the world! Although it was not an important match for the two soccer clubs, it was still really exciting. With no surprise, FC Barcelona finally won the game.

soccer players are doing their final practice before the match.

FC Barcelona — goal!

“Blue Hour” in Ann Arbor

As I always finish my classes in the late afternoon, witnessing the beauty of the blue hour every day has been one of my favorite things. When the summer comes and the sky becomes clear, I finally got some chance to capture the romantic feelings in the blue hour.