Zhihao (Ryan) Ruan


Last summer, I went to Ireland for a trip. As a fan of the Irish boy band Westlife, I was really lucky to be able to get a ticket to their concert at Croke Park in Dublin. Meanwhile, I also had a chance to explore Dublin, a city with bars and Irish folk music. Street Performers in Downtown Dublin To my great surprise, street performing seems to be a very popular activity in Dublin.

An Interactive Game — Step On the White Tiles!

Probably one of the best interactive game projects I have seen in the class.

Prof. Alanson Sample and Prof. Matt Smith, University of Michigan

> This project is developed together with Regina (Jingliang Ren), Kun Huang and Shiyu Liu.
> This post is written in shared effort with Regina (Jingliang Ren).
> Special thanks to them for all their contributions!

Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor is the place for me to pursue my second bachelor’s degree in the University of Michigan. It is a small but lovely town located in the south of the State of Michigan. While I was taking classes and working on the campus, I would also like to record those tiny little pieces of happiness in daily life with my lenses. These pictures help to keep my precious memories.

Zhuhai, China — Home, Sweet Home

Of all the places I’ve been to, Zhuhai, by no doubt, is the most special one to me. I have been to almost everywhere in this city. As I grew up, countless changes have taken place in this city. People went and people came, and the city developed fast. As a photographer, I have the feeling that it is my responsibility to record her changes every time I return. I really hope that my hometown can become better and better.